The Future
of Data
Security is

The Future of
Data Security is Nanophotonics


Mitigate the ever-growing security risks by protecting your organization’s data storage through the fusion of robust digital encryption and unique optical hardware.

Coming soon: OPē1.  Our encrypted cloud storage device.

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Scientific partners

Our stellar scientific partners for nanophotonics hardware. We have  been working with some of the most respected nanophotonics scientists in the world.


OPē1 is an encrypted cloud storage device that offers the next level of data security, protecting against current and future threats through three layers of encryption.

Layer 1

Digital Unclonability

At the core of OPē1 is our Digitally Unclonable Optical Data Scrambler (DUODS). Its unique feature of digital unclonability ensures that hackers cannot decrypt data without access to a matching DUODS device.

Layer 2

Post-Quantum Cryptography

To protect against the imminent quantum computer threat, OPē1 offers a layer of Post- Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Layer 3

Conservative Encryption

On top of the other two layers, OPē1 comes with a robust layer of FIPS-conform digital cryptography, providing a foundational encryption baseline and simplifying compliance.


Empowering our vision with innovation partners

About OPē Technologies

A Novel Approach to Data Security

Driven by our innovative spirit and extensive R&D capabilities, we deliver unique encryption solutions to our customers. Our inventions have resulted in 23 patents, 14 awarded and 9 patents pending.


We’ve been researching and building next-generation tools since 2013.  Learn more about what’s gone in to our discoveries and view our patents. 


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